You’re now trippin with Risa…

Welcomeeeeee!! So happy to see that you made it to my blog. My name is Risa and I love everything about travel, from planning, the flight, to executing the itinerary. I’m always 100% elated about everything to come! I’ve been traveling since I was a toddler, so the passion for it flows through my veins.

Traveling is an essential part of living, it is important to me because I believe it helps you to broaden your horizons, learn other cultures and languages, experience things you usually wouldn’t at home and most importantly learn yourself. Traveling to me means being free to feel, live and do as you please. The feeling I get when I’m traveling is indescribable. To travel is to escape from the realities of our everyday lives simply because we were not just born to work, pay bills and die!

If you’re not living the life God created you to live, you’re basically dying every day! This beautiful world was made for us to explore! So let’s do it, let me know… What is it that keeps you from traveling? Experiencing other cultures? Being exposed to other things besides what you are used to? What has to be done to get you to travel? Do you have a hard time planning? Don’t know where to go? Where to start? No one to go with? Afraid? Money not looking right? Just don’t care to travel? Don’t have your passport?

I’ll be sharing tips for traveling on a budget, my travel experiences, as well as answering any questions you may have. Come Trip With Me by following my blog and travel social platforms and stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “You’re now trippin with Risa…

  1. Hey girl. First off let me say that I am so proud of you and it is truly amazing watching you go to so many places.

    Anyway, I know you’ve been to a lot of different but places. Based on your experience, how do you think children will adjust if I wanted to travel with all of my kids once they were all walking and talking? Do you think it’s a safe environment for children? Will they enjoy themselves? Are there different kid related activities that I could expose them to?


    1. hey love, thank you so muchhh!! It all depends on where you want to go, there are plenty of places that you can take them and have a good time. There are alot of hotels that are kid friendly, I think the most common kid friendly vacation is to Orlando, Fl, there are plenty of amusement parks and arcades for them to go to. If you’re just looking for a little family get away contact me, we can figure something out.


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